Resolving patchy wi-fi in Belgravia

A large residential property in Belgravia that already had an extensive telephone system that was proving unreliable. The client was also complaining of patchy Wi-Fi coverage in the property.

The house was already in good decorative order, so there was limited scope to fit new cabling to support separate phone and internet systems.

We devised a solution that combined both the telephone and Wi-Fi onto a single network, using internet-based (VoIP) corded and cordless handsets, linked through a gateway device to their existing BT telephone sockets.

The system now supports 36 telephones, 10 of them cordless, along with 10 Wi-Fi access points, all managed through a central control system.

For a large-scale system like this, we enabled remote management to monitor and apply changes to any part of the system without having to visit the property.